Adam (strokeyadam) wrote,

Give It Some Telly

In November I filled in an application form to be on a new gameshow called Common Denominator. A couple of days after sending it off I got a phone call inviting me down to the Endemol studios in that London for an audition.

The confirmation email that I was sent gave me directions to the offices and advised me to arrive 15 minutes before the start of my 10am audition. So, having booked the day off work I got on a train and made m y way down there. Deciding that the West London location was a little too far to walk from Euston I used the Underground for the first time since I was a child. As it was slightly after rush hour I avoided having to stand on a crowded train with my nose in someone’s armpit and decided that the tube wasn’t as bad as I suspected it might be.

Not wanting to look too keen, I arrived at the security office at the Endemol office 17 minutes before the audition start time. The fire alarm was going off and everyone was evacuating the building. The security guard told me to go and wait round the corner until everyone was back inside. When people started heading back in I went back to the security office and the guard pointed me in the direction of reception, up four flights of stairs.

In reception there were two other people waiting for the same audition, but the receptionist said that the other auditionees had already gone off with the producers. We sat there for quarter of an hour whilst the receptionist tried to track down the producers. It started to feel like this had been a wasted journey. But then she got hold of the producers and.......

...they asked me to sign a form saying that I wouldn’t reveal any details of the audition process....

..... and then I got back on the tube to Euston (still no armpits) and got a train back to Northampton. Then I got a phone call asking me to go back to that London in December to be on the show.

Apparently the episode that I am on is on Channel 4 at 3:30pm on Wednesday next week (10th April). I am away next week so I will blog more about the show and my first (only) trip to BBC Television Centre when I am back.

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