Adam (strokeyadam) wrote,

Dad's what I'm talking about

Emma and I are expecting a baby.

It's due in January (Friday 13th). We've got the second scan this afternoon and, hopefully, we will discover what sex it is then. We have a bet on it (if it's a boy Emma buys tea tonight, if it's a girl I'm buying), but if it's as un-cooperative as it was at the last scan it will be in the wrong position for us to know. Last time it was in the wrong position for the nurse to get a decent scan picture. Poking and prodding it with the scanner only made it stamp its feet and not move into position. If it's that stroppy and unhelpful we're assuming it's female, but I've been buying clothes with cars and Liverpool on them and trying to convince Emma that the colours are neutral enough for them to be worn by a boy or a girl.

My Dad's the most excited I've ever seen and he's has my Mum buying nappies and re-arranging the furniture in their spare room to fit a travel cot in already.
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