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The last time I blogged we were about to go for a scan to discover whether Seahorse, the new baby, is a boy or a girl.

She’s a girl.

This means that we don’t have to pick from the list of uninspiring boys’ names that we had drafted.
It also means that I won a bet that meant I had breakfast bought for me after the scan.

I don’t remember much of Sparrow’s 20 week scan – just that they measured the thigh bone and head and they and prodded a bit until the baby moved to a better position. This time the radiologist was really good and talked us through all the things she could see, pointing them all out on the screen so that all the white smudges vaguely came to resemble bits of human.

Knowing that everything was OK with the scan means that we can now start making proper plans for her arrival. Primarily, this means trying to remember what we did last time.

It also means that I can start looking for toys to buy. Or at least, the toys that I would like to buy if we didn’t have so much other stuff to buy.

We’ve already bought a double pushchair, which I’m sure is bigger than some cars that I’ve owned. We needed one where they sit one behind the other so it can be manoeuvred through narrow shop aisles, but where the older child sits at the front, because it wouldn’t be worth the argument of trying to get her in a back seat where she can’t see anything. We found a second hand one on Facebook that is ideal.

Next up we need a new Moses basket, because the last one was eaten by the squirrels, and a new cot-bed.
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