Adam (strokeyadam) wrote,

Squirrel Update

The squirrels from my last blog post have, officially at least, left the building. The only evidence of their former presence seems to be some bits of chewed wood and some droppings that the Mouse Man missed when he was tidying up after them. So if anyone would like a definitive answer the eternal ‘is squirrel shit nutty?’ question then I know how you can find out.

Since the removal of the squirrel nest (or Doctor Drey as it became known) I have arrived home twice to see one of the little fellas sitting on the drive. He runs off before I can see where he goes, so I don’t know if it’s a friend of one of our squirrels plotting a revenge attack, the ghost of one of our squirrels returning to haunt me and exact his own revenge, or just coincidence.

We’ve also been hearing more unaccounted for noises coming from above in the night. This could be Jesus. It could be the vengeful gnawing of a ghostly squirrel spirit. It could be dripping resulting from snow melt. Or it could be the mice that we initially suspected it could be when it turned out we had squirrels.

Trips into the (until recently) un-conquered corners of the attic, though, have so far produced no further evidence of squirrels, no dead mice in the mouse traps, no evidence of mice, and no evidence of Jesus.
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