Adam (strokeyadam) wrote,

Colin McRae RIP

Stories on the news this morning that Colin McRae, 1995 World Rally Champion, has died in an helicopter crash. Normally when there's stories like that on the news i just think "great, but I wish they'd hurry up and get to the sports stories" but McRae was, in my opinion the greatest British sports star of all time. He was responsible for a massive increase in the interest in rallying in this country during the early 90s (something that ITV's poor WRC coverage seems to trying to kill off) due to his flat out driving style, often spectacular crashes and his personality outside of the car. On the day that he won the world championship I was in the Chester hotel where the official finish f the RAC rally was taking place - my uncle had been competing on the same event. Colin signed the shirt I was wearing .He'd just become World Champion and he had time to autograph the shirt of some geeky kid in the hotel lobby. I feel a little bit ashamed this morning that I no longer know where that shirt is. 

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